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This is how our AR/VR tracking system works

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Electromagnetic motion tracking systems work by using a low frequency isotropic magnetic field generator (3D emitter) and one or several isotropic 3D magnetic sensors. Emitter and receiver sides need special 3D magnetic coils to generate and receive the magnetic field signals.


These sensors offered to the AR/VR market include more than six degrees of freedom (6DOF): 3 positions and 3 orientations generated by 3 transmitter coils and 3 receiver coils.Typical operating frequencies range are from a few kHz (even Hz) to several kHz (20-50-60kHz).


(VR systems technology comparative)

Premo’s 3DCoils and 3DCoilCube motion tracking magnetic sensors use a 3D emitter antenna that generates an electromagnetic field. The use of low frequency/long wavelength signals allow tracking sensors to be embedded or out of sightline, ideal for any virtual reality controller.


Due to Premo’s wide experience in these products, we offer a large portfolio of Tx/Rx electromagnetic tracking sensors, covering all kinds of range, dimensions or performance constraints. From cube to low-profile configurations, and from lower to higher sensitivities, the range of possibilities is very wide.

They are entirely customizable and deliverable within 4 weeks. We are equipped to produce over 50 million 3DCoils and 3DCoilCubes per year.


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