Latest VR AR innovations in Japan

Augmented reality Virtual Reality

Latest VR innovations in Japan

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Trade Show Description

A visit to AI Expo Japan, which was held in Japan in April 2018 and included a designated space for VR/AR/MR applications and products, gave us a wide overview of the offering in Japan for B2B and B2C by more than 300 exhibitors.

Most of the fair was devoted to IA. Nevertheless, other related fields were also present, such as contents, creators and distributors, graphic design, advanced digital technologies, and marketing.

Some of the new products presented were VR software, VR components, VR app development services, 360 audio devices, capturing technology for VR avatars, motion capture for 3D Avatars, services for AR content, mixed reality hardware and software application to control them.

AI Expo Japan 2018



Description and evolution of AI Expo Japan

In general terms, the areas covered by the exhibitor were:

  • Deep learning

  • Machine learning

  • Neutral Network

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

  • Hardware

  • Big Data

  • AI applications

VR/AR/MR World included a special interactive section with content supply.

Some conferences about VR/AR/MR were held in the fair. They were presented by Microsoft and Bandai Namco employees. In these conferences some speeches about VR/AR technologies and prospects were made.

Artificial Intelligence Expo Tokyo 2018



Trends and news products released

The trade show had a mix of products and was oriented to VR/AR technology. Not many specific areas were separated or dedicated exclusively in the fair.

The new products released during the trade show included:

Second Artificial Intelligence Exhibition Conference




There were many companies displaying their products and some well-known companies as Yamaha. Lots of companies actively released their VR partnership, like VIVE, Oculus, etc. It’s an interesting fair for VR and AR. We discovered 3 companies with propietary VR hardware; however, there were no disruptive technologies.

It seems that VR is getting a better experience by the user at the expense of a high or significant hardware and software investment. More and more products are being developed to reduce costs for hardware and performance improvements, like EMT by Premo or more efficient chips and algorithms to simplify the development of VR/AR/MR applications and products.

This fair focused also on content improvement since there are many application and programs like racing simulators, rollercoasters, zombie games, etc. Smaller companies focused on current technologies and components to optimize or reduce costs. Most of the products were fully developed for the consumer market and were ready to be purchased by developers or studios.


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