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Augmented reality Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and New Technology Trends: What’s Next?

The picture below became viral recently and shows the effect of Moore’s law since the 90s. Walkman, watches, cameras, GSM phones, laptops, camcorders, pagers and…

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VR/AR Components

Observatory of VR/AR Motion Tracking

This week we had several global technology events with news, product releases and tech trends. Our Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Sensors web went online this week…

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virtual reality components

Augmented reality Case Study Virtual Reality

Decoding the Goldman Sachs Report on virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been identified by top investment funds, and by corporate and investment banks, as more than a hype: it is the next…

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Electromagnetism VR/AR Components

What are electromagnetic tracking systems?

What are the challenges that most engineers face after they decide that ELECTROMAGNETIC Tracking is the best choice? What is the Structure of a typical…

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Augmented reality Virtual Reality

AR/VR technology – Will it change the world?

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR technology) alter our perception of the world and of the things surrounding us.   What is the difference between…

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Electromagnetism Premo Group VR/AR Components

Design for EMTS Manufacturing | VR/AR Components

In our ebook 10 Key Criteria for Choosing Electromagnetic Tracking Sensors we recommend VR/AR immersive technologies hardware developers to consider a short list of key…

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