VR/EM Motion Tracking Sensors & Applications

6 degrees of expertise

CHAPTER 1: Tracking Systems in Virtual Reality: Which is the best choice?

CHAPTER 2: Using Magnetic Sensing for tracking multiple fingertips

CHAPTER 3: The VR Global Ecosystem: Individual companies and publications

CHAPTER 4: Best VR and AR books

CHAPTER 5: How can Virtual and Augmented Reality change the way we educate our children?

CHAPTER 6: Latest VR innovations in Japan

CHAPTER 7: Best use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in advertising campaigns

CHAPTER 8: Are medicine and surgery potential areas for EM Tracking Deivces?

CHAPTER 9: Virtual Reality on the road - How some companies are using VR-AR in motor vehicles.

CHAPTER 10: Motion tracking on Mobile

CHAPTER 11: Virtual Reality Goggles: Technical differences between HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR

CHAPTER 12: This is how our AR/VR Tracking system works

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