AR/VR Demo Kit

The kits allow to run a system with one single 3D magnetic field source (connected to power supply) and three individual battery-powered wireless sensors. Each sensor has a 3D magnetic field receiver and a high frequency link to the USB receiver hub. The receiver hub translates the position and orientation data from each sensor to the laptop software.

All calculations are being made in the stand-alone wireless sensors. Laptop software only shows 3D information on screen, not being involved in the 3D calculation algorithms.


Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System Demo Kit Gen 2

The demo kit contains:

–  EMF Source driver – 1u.
–  EMF Source 3D coil: 3DCC28-0039J
–  EMF sensors – 3u. with 3DV15-A-S0900J
–  USB RF Hub – 1u.
–  Plug-in 5V USB PSU – 1u.
–  Plug-in 5V USB adaptors – 5u

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