Meet the 3DCoil:

Electromagnetic motion tracking systems work by using a low frequency isotropic magnetic field generator (3D emitter) and one or several isotropic 3D magnetic sensors. Emitter and receiver sides need special 3D magnetic coils to generate and receive the magnetic field signals. The low profile 3DCoil design achieves electromagnetic sensitivity isotropy by clever design techniques and fine-tuned windings calculations. By using these, the sensor volume required shrinks to SMT PCB mounted components standards (<3.5mm height).

3DV06 – 3D VR Rx sensor 7x7x2.3 mm

Smallest 3D receiver sensor for VR magnetic tracking systems.

  • Smallest size of the market (6×6mm)
  • SMD solution
  • Suitable for AOI
  • Inductance range: 1-4mH
  • Sensitivity (mV/A/m): 6*

* Measured @20kHz 10Vpp

Virtual reality will without a shadow of a doubt play an important role in the future of humanity. Every new year brings with it new wonders of virtual technology, new experiences for our senses. Our senses are intimately linked to what we perceive to be true, or rather what our eyes, ears, fingers tell us is true. This, however, was before the arrival of virtual and augmented reality, the new kids on the technological playground that make it possible for anyone to live the greatest experiences of their lives by convincing the brain of things that are not truly there.

We strive to offer the best product in virtual reality components on the market, which is why we are particularly proud of our 3DV06 VR EM Tracking Sensor, the smallest on the virtual reality market today. Its isotropic 3dcoil offers a unique experience to the user. The 3DV06 coil is a patented receiver sensor for VR devices, to be placed in gloves, clothes, tools and more.

The 3dcoil allows the user to project an object in 3 dimensions, outputting the absolute position (XYZ) and rotation (pitch/yaw/roll) of the system components in respect to each other. The system is designed to position the object with 6 degrees of freedom.

Are you looking for the best virtual reality has to offer? Look no further, the 3DV06 3dcoil will do the job.

You can try the 3Dcoil using our Tx/Rx VR development kit or AR/VR Demo kit.

Download the datasheet for more information:


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