Meet the 3DCoil:

Electromagnetic motion tracking systems work by using a low frequency isotropic magnetic field generator (3D emitter) and one or several isotropic 3D magnetic sensors. Emitter and receiver sides need special 3D magnetic coils to generate and receive the magnetic field signals. The low profile 3DCoil design achieves electromagnetic sensitivity isotropy by clever design techniques and fine-tuned windings calculations. By using these, the sensor volume required shrinks to SMT PCB mounted components standards (<3.5mm height).

3DV09 – 3D VR Rx sensor 9.5×9.5×3.1 mm

Low profile 3D magnetic receiver sensor for VR magnetic tracking systems.

• Small size 3D magnetic tracking sensor
• SMD solution
• Suitable for AOI
• Inductance range: 2-9mH
• Dimensions: 9.5×9.5×3.1mm
• Sensitivity (mV/A/m): 11*

* Measured @20kHz 10Vpp

It’s increasingly common to hear about new, exciting augmented reality features in mobile phones and other connected devices. Society is intrigued by the prospect of playing with a whole new reality, one that only exists in the privacy of their brain, fueled by a trusted virtual reality device. And yet, this new immersive human experience is not as easy to achieve as one might think.

The brain is calibrated to perceive reality in a certain way, and the slightest inconsistency can throw the whole experience off balance. A classic example is when the vestibular system in your ears runs in conflict with what your eyes see, creating motion sickness (like on a boat or in a car).

Grupo Premo has a long history of creating quality products in the field of RFID and IoT. Recently, we have developed a new component for Virtual and Augmented reality, using low frequency/long wavelength to create a perfect state of six degrees of freedom and guarantee a flawless VR experience.

The 3DV09 is one of the smallest VR/AR component on the market. As it needs no line of sight, the 3dCoil can be placed virtually anywhere on your VR motion tracking device and still produce perfect virtual environments.

Grupo Premo’s biggest competitive advantage, however, is allowing for full customization of the product. Get in touch with us today and we will adapt the 3dCoil to the specificacitions of your VR device.

You can try the 3Dcoil using our Tx/Rx VR development kit or AR/VR Demo kit.

Download the datasheet for more information:


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