Custom Coil

Build your Custom EM Tracking Sensor:

Our TX/RX electromagnetic tracking sensors are entirely customizable for you and deliverable within 4 weeks. We are equipped to produce over 50 million 3DCoilCubes per year. Just say the word.

Why choose an EM Tracker for your virtual reality needs?

Line of sight is no longer an issue.

3DCoilCube is reached and sends magnetic fields without needing visual axis. Thanks to the low frequency sinusoidal waves, the signals can reach the 3D sensors through solid objects without altering performance, allowing for optimal virtual reality experience, in any environment. Consequently, it can also be placed in any kind of device without blocking the signal.

No fixed referenced emitter or multiple fixed calibration elements.

3DCoilCube is striking in its simplicity, offering the possibility to create completely wireless virtual reality controllers, to improve user experience and comfort. Unlike optical controllers, there is no need to place emitters or receivers in the room.

Longest range tracking on the market.

Our 3D tracking system has made bumping into the TV a non-issue. We currently offer one of the longest tracking range on the market of 3D motion trackers for VR. Perfect for arcade devices o medical machinery, you can adjust the range to the necessities of your project.


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